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Tiger and Hannah Conniff are just your everyday small town husband and wife duo who just have a huge heart for the Lord. By day Hannah is a Legal Assistant Notary for a Ft.Worth Law Firm and Boss Lady for their custom t-shirt business Fathom Ink. Tiger is just your regular ol’ bearded gymnastic instructor, Boss Man of Fathom Ink, and together these two have a fire that burns bright for the Lord. Although they have plenty to keep them busy, they always knew they wanted to serve the Lord. They decided to start I4CLife in hopes they could help spread his message, and use the benefits of I4C Life to help others in and throughout the Christian Community.

Oh, I should also mention their pet pig, Copper. He is Hannah’s baby and it would be a shame if I didn’t include him.




My name is Johnna Thomasson, I am 22 years old and there is nothing I love more than Jesus, My husband, writing and dinosaurs. I met Hannah and Tiger in January of 2017 and was blessed enough with the opportunity to jump on board to help with Fathom Ink and get I4C Life up and going. I love the Lord, I have grown to love this couple I work with, and I love what I do. My hope is that you, reader, are able to relate with at least one thing I may write and can use it to help further your relationship with God.

I don’t have a pig but I have a corgi. His name is Duke and he is my baby.


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